Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cue Miscues

Sometimes the cues we teach our dogs backfire - and the dog uses the cue for their own purpose. Consider these examples:

"Get Your Leash"

Every so often, Belle's leash gets dropped accidently. To prevent a game of chase from developing I have to immediately step on the leash. Belle's on to me. The other night, I dropped the leash. Before I could step on it she gave me a wily look, picked up the leash and bolted. Thankfully, we were still in the house.


This cue works great at opening the back door - no verbal command or practice needed. Her reward - outdoor freedom.


Belle's favorite way to get attention when she feels she's being ignored. Any sock, any mitten, any kitchen towel will work.

Who needs daily crosswords to keep the brain sharp. I just have to try to stay ahead of my dog.


Anonymous said...

That's right just keep trying doggedly.

Speak(er) said...

That's my canin!

Anonymous said...

I would never use cross words to keep the mind sharp. Kind words always work best.