Saturday, December 2, 2006

New tricks

In my quest to discover what will be my next career move, I'm attempting to teach an old dog a new trick - and improve on an old one. The new trick is "Speak" - a blog I created to tell the story of Belle, our Helping Paws service dog and our training experiences together. The blog will have various categories - just a few at first, more will be added as soon as I learn the ropes. The categories so far:

Who's Training Whom: Lessons my foster dog has taught me
Humor in Training: Comics, stories and other items that tickle the funny bone (no, Belle - you can't chew on this one)
Kibble: Food for thought - miscellaneous items that don't fit under any of the other more clearly defined categories

The old "trick" is writing. I've worked with numbers for so long I've neglected my words - and I need to take them out and let them run around for awhile. I invite all of you to read, post, critique and hopefully, enjoy "Speak".

My thanks to all of you in the Monday Night class for the support you've provided - not just for the dogs but for your fellow fosterers.

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