Friday, December 8, 2006

Molly "Speaks", Too

The following is an excerpt from my daughter Molly's college essay:

"The most common question I receive when people find out that we will foster Belle for only two years then return her to Helping Paws for placement with a handicapped individual is, “how can I take care of her and love her for so long and then, just let her go?”. The answer I give is that Belle has given me so much already and she will keep on enriching my life until the day that she is placed.

How can I not let her go knowing how much good she is capable of doing? Meeting the older dogs and seeing the bond they have with their humans is incredible. However, even more incredible for me is seeing how much Belle loves to work. The most exciting part of the day for her is not running around, but practicing her skills. She is never happier than when she is helping or learning. This, more than anything, is what I admire her for.

To find that much joy in work has become a goal of mine since I met Belle; working through something while still being able to enjoy it is one of the best feelings a person can have. That feeling makes the pride associated with a job well done so much more intense. Trying to apply these lessons into my own life can be difficult, especially when trying to balance a challenging course load at school with sports and, of course, Belle’s training, but by acknowledging the certain satisfaction that I feel after the completion of a difficult task and working to feel that way about all that I do will make this goal worth it in the long run.

Persistence and joy in work, combined with a love of life is the unbeatable combination that makes up my dog. To achieve that combination will be an ongoing challenge, but one that I am most willing to work to achieve as I finish high school and move forward in life."

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Mollett, you rock!