Thursday, January 18, 2007

Naughty but N'ice

  • The hockey rink is almost skatable for humans - but is perfect for dogs! Can you sing "slip, sliding, away"? (Belle keeps hoping it will turn back into a big pond for her to swim in!)
  • Belle has been trying to teach this human a new cue for "Go Walk, Go Walk Now"! First she brings my gloves, then, if I don't get the hint, her pack. If I'm still not putting on my coat, she brings her leash, and finally with a look of total exasperation, goes over to the door and waits! She does not consider below zero temps a legitimate excuse for missing our daily Macalester tour.
  • I love Belle's new wake-up mode. It's so sweet to open my eyes and see her brown orbs imploring me to get up. She doesn't jump up, or whine - just rests her head next to my pillow until I finally crack an eyeball at her. How come dogs don't have dog breath in the morning?

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