Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Night Cat? Blogging

We interrupt our normally scheduled Monday Night Dog Blogging to bring you Woobers -the other family cat and if the truth be known, the one really in charge. This photo was taken yesterday while Woobs was expressing his disgust at the gaity and frivolity that erupted due to a little snow. It disturbed his much needed snooze!
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HP WI Outpost said...

Great pics of Belle and Joe romping in the snow! Can life get any better than a young boy and a dog in MN enjoying a winter wonderland. Not too sure about the cat invading Mon. night blogging however! If that's the case, we will have to e-mail a pic of our house princess,Miss Piggy)cat with attitude.!!!

Benjamin said...

he always looks angry in pictures but at least he's looking at the camera, unlike Ole.

Patrick Finnegan said...

"Captain, it is illogical to photograph me while I am attempting to snooze..."