Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Night Dog Blogging

You know it is cold when both cats are willing to share the same blanket as Belle. I wonder what Woobs and Ole made Belle cough up as a cover charge? Usually, at least one of the cats gets fleeced in this type of arrangement. I think Belle must have blanketed them both with kisses.


jim finnegan said...

Those 2 cats are purrfectly capable of guilting Belle into sharing her blanket. Woobers made a deal with Belle. To survive the "nip" in the air they're going to put the "bite" on Ole. I think Ole is Belle's only chew toy to survive this long.

Patrick Finnegan said...

Cold nights will do that - suddenly, body heat is a precious commodity.

Oh, and Jimmy: what a pun-ishing remark!

Speak(er) said...

Ahh, I can always count on you Finnegan boys to chime in with a cogent comment. Stay warm!