Monday, March 19, 2007


Since we're on the topic of evaluations, it seems there is no end to the ways I can evaluate my efforts lately. In fact, I can't seem to get away from it.

Today, while following a link from noted children's author, Sara Latta, I found a handy dandy guide to blog best practices posted on the Children's Literature Monthly blog The Edge of the Forest.

From there, I was just a link and a click away from Kineda's Blog, which provided me with the ability to discover my bloglebrity and post the hot pink result on my blog. Sad to say - I barely made the "D" List. This is what the Technorati-Powered Widget had to say about my blog:

"With links in the last 180 days, Technorati places in the low authority group.

That makes you a D-List Blogger!"

The good news is that part of my D-List rating is based on the short length of time that "Speak" has been speaking. However, based on the less technical opinions of my daughter and Belle - I'm not so sure I'll be moving out of "low-authority" status any time soon. Sigh...

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Sara said...

Hey Lu! Thanks to Cara's nudge, I just discovered your blog. I didn't realize you had one--probably just wasn't paying attention. It's great. I am also a D-list blogger. So I think we need to start hitting on each other more (so to speak) to raise our status.

Love Belle the wonder dog! I didn't know your raised and trained service dogs. My next blog entry will feature a picture of my Gracie (a St. Bernard). She's in a foster home herself now, while we're in Geneva.

Sara (noted children's writer--heh, heh)