Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dozer Delight

To know Dozer is to love Dozer.

What a great time we have had the last three days. Dozer has met my dad, Ben, and Lisa, Will, and Claire. He charmed them all. Best of all, he's a great influence on Belle because he always does what I ask him to do - especially, when I call him to come. Not even Belle waylaying him as he bolts across the yard to me will stop him in his quest. He's even come despite having to drag Belle the last ten feet or so as she held on to his backside for dear life. Oh, if only Belle were so motivated by food, or water.

I think I may have discovered the cause of Belle's UTI's. She just doesn't drink enough. She certainly drinks far less that Dozer who regularly empties the water bowl at least once an hour (or slimes it so bad, neither he nor anyone else will drink from it). Yet, Doze doesn't seem to need to go out with near the frequency that Belle does. Now some of you who know about St. Paul water and it's fishy smell and taste may think that the water just doesn't appeal to Belle. But she doesn't drink the city water - she drinks Culligan just like us. I even go so far as to serve her kibble in two cups water just to insure she drinks some during the day. Adding water also helps slow Doze down while he eats his meal. As you would expect, Doze loves to wolf his chow.

I love working cues with both dogs. They are so eager to please that I have to tell one to wait before I give a cue to the other. Otherwise, I have both dogs trying to do the cue at the same time. That's okay when the cue is sit or drop - but "hold it" and "light'' gets kind of problematic when both dogs rush to do it at once. I know, I know - not a real tough problem to have, is it?

The other great thing about Doze is his gentleness with the cats. Miss Piggy, Doze's feline housemate at home has done a great job of teaching him to go slow. Consequently, Woobers has not had to work nearly as hard to convince Doze that Woobs is king - at least in this house. Ole, true to form, has just tried to be his friend.

~ Miss Piggy ~

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