Thursday, March 1, 2007

Food for Thought

An interesting article in the Pioneer Press this morning, Fluffy and Fido Are Lapping Up Home Cooked Meals, described one of the latest trends in pampering the family pet. Even Rachel Ray has joined the chuck wagon with a monthly cooking column just for pets.

I don't know enough about human nutritional needs let alone the dog and cat requirements. Nor am I the most diligent of household chefs - planning each week's menu to insure a well rounded meal plan. According to the article, there's not even a cost benefit to preparing home cooked meals for the pooch.

I just don't get it. In a world where more and more humans are struggling with weight issues due to our fast food life style - this seems like just one more way we can all feel guilt about not doing enough for those in our care.

I love Belle. But until I can figure out how to feed Molly and myself a better diet I think I'll stick with the recommended commercial food specifically designed for Belle rather than relying on my own questionable culinary skills. I mean really, how demoralizing would it be if even the dog won't eat what I make?

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