Friday, March 9, 2007

...and when she was good, she was very, very good,

but when she was bad she was horrid. So ends the nursery rhyme that could have been written about Belle. I'm raising the class brat.

That's the conclusion I've come to after seven days with Dozer. Don't get me wrong. I love Belle. But love can't turn a blind eye to the shenanigans she's pulled this week. For example:

Working cues - if Dozer thinks about how to do a cue just a tad too long, Belle does it for him. It reminds me of the brainiac in grade school who always had to shout out the answers before anyone could get a chance to even process the question.

Going Out - Dozer just wants to take a few seconds before the wrestling begins to take care of business. Do you think Belle could give him that time before she chews on his ear or pulls on his maw? It will serve her right if Doze decides to lift a leg and pee on her one of these days.

Keep Away - Belle has the NBA taunt and trash talk down cold - despite the ball in her mouth. She takes advantage of her smaller size to elude Doze by running between the hockey boards and the light string that surround them. Poor Doze has to run the long way around. When he finally catches up to her, she teases him by offering him the ball by pushing it out of her mouth. When Dozer reaches to take it, she bolts, and it starts all over again. After a while - even mild-mannered Doze has enough and gives her a piece of his mind.

Despite all this bratty behavior, Dozer is so good to Belle. He shows her over and over what it means to come when called. He's always willing to play with her, even though he knows she'll act like a brat. Today, he even showed her how fun it is to play fetch - and actually bring the ball back to me to re-throw. A concept that Belle finds mighty suspicious. That is, until she sees how much praise (and treats) Doze is getting for playing with me.

The good news is Belle has also demonstrated she can work well even when distracted by such a handsome guy as Dozer. I just have to appeal to the brainiac in her and she'll do anything just to show off how smart she is (or thinks she is).


Anonymous said...

Tengo gusto de leer sobre otras vidas de la gente y el tuyo es interesante .

Speak(er) said...

Gracias, Anonymous.