Sunday, March 4, 2007

This and That

Some of the things I like best about having another dog come to stay with us is seeing the differences in the dogs and learning neat new foster home tricks. The neat trick from Marie and Dave? A daily stuffed Kong right after breakfast. It's the canine equivalent of a box of Cracker Jacks. The last two days this little trick has given me the time to write this blog while both dogs quietly pursued the prize inside.

Today, I plan on doing more work with polite household behavior. When Belle was still a pup, wrestling inside wasn't quite the nuisance that it is now that she is full grown. Yesterday, we worked on "enough" every chance we got. Dozer is much better at that than Belle. When I give the cue, Doze responds almost immediately, while Belle generally must be waited out. Thankfully, Doze is not distracted by Belle's repeated attempts to engage him after I give the cue.

Not having a fence that works for multiple dogs is still a problem. Yesterday, I took them both up to the tennis courts at Mac so they could run and romp in an enclosed place. Unfortunately, someone had left both gates open before the snow fell and the depth of the snow made it impossible for me to close the gates. We ended up going for a long walk instead - but this is where the story gets really neat.

Last week, Marie had mentioned how much her kids miss the dogs when they are away at school. I told her about my experiences at Macalester - how the students will stop me and ask to pet my dog. I told her about a blog I posted last December that described this phenomena and she asked me to send it to her. Sure enough, as the three of us were sauntering through the campus today, a young co-ed stopped us. She said, "I know this will sound really strange, but I've had a terrible week. Can I just hug your dogs?" And once again, both Belle and Doze worked their doggy magic with this sad girl. Belle sat on her feet and executed a perfect golden lean while Doze snuggled close and gave her kisses. I'm so glad they could be there for the girl. I hope her week improves.

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carrot said...

How could it not, what with all that puppy love???

p.s. Does anyone else ever use the term "co-ed" anymore? I love it. Makes me think of bobby socks and skirts and girls holding schoolbooks close to their chests.