Monday, April 9, 2007

Maisie and the Fall Class of 2009

Welcome to the Helping Paws Fall Class of 2009 (or possibly, Spring Class of 2010). Above is Belle's Mom - Maisie and her new litter of eight puppies. Maisie is lovingly cared for by Nancy D, but is currently with a very special foster home while she's raising her pups.

All of the pups are Belle's full siblings - their dad is the beautiful Brandon - a stud muffin in more ways than one. There are five boys and three girls. All are destined to be stars!

If you can't see the eighth little pup, click on the photo to enlarge. See the little tiny paws peeking out from under Maisie's tail?

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carrot said...

All that cuteness is just too much to bear. (esp. little tiny-paws hiding on the end there).