Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

It was Picture Night for the Monday Night Pups at yesterday's class. In addition to individual shots of each dog, a "family" photo was shot for the Blue Coat Benefactor - the Helping Paws newsletter to dog sponsors and other supporters.

Like any family photo - the toughest part is just getting everyone in to the picture. Eileen, with her practiced eye and knowledge of each dog's personality, knew just the right positions to minimize misbehavior. (In the FinnFam - that usually meant separating the two youngest brothers - they were always conspiring to play "See Food" or bunny ears on the unsuspecting sibling who was actually trying to look good for the shot). What is it they say about the best laid plans?

First shot - all the dogs are in order (or so we thought), with Party Girl (Belle) placed last and in the outside position so that if she pulls one of her stunts she doesn't take the whole gang with her. There's so much focus on getting her to stay, that no one notices that Dozer isn't in the shot. Until Judy (the ace dog photographer) looks at the photo and someone says, "where's Doze?" So we line them all up again - thankfully, the four on the platforms had stayed in place, and Bella and Rocky down in front were still mostly in place. Belle, was yep, Belle and had left her spot immediately.

Finally, all the dogs are back in line and Judy starts firing away. Her hope was to at least get the dogs looking at her, no one noticed what the two in back were up to. Liv had turned tail to the camera, and Mac decided to say hello in that uniquely doggy style (read sniffing butt). Liv was accommodating enough to even lift a leg for him.

Thank God the two youngest FinnFam brothers never thought of that one.

(Left to Right, Back Row first: Liv, Mac, JayDee, Thor, Dozer, Bella, Rocky, and Belle. Not pictured: Brio, Rally and Kade. Thanks, Judy M. for the picture!)


Wisconsin HP outpost said...

Last night reminded me of human family pictures,trying to get everyone on the same page,looking good,smiling, and not blinking. All the pups provided some free of charge entertainment for the trainers.

carrot said...

Ha! This is hilarious. What a fine looking group of goldens and what a good girl Belle is!

Technical question: does anybody know how to get rid of "green eye" on dog photos? Photoshop and other programs can correct for red eye, but I haven't found an easy way to correct the "green eye" that appears when I photograph John's dogs.