Friday, April 13, 2007

RAGOM Ragamuffin

Welcome Cody! The newest member of the FinnFam Fur Family is Cody, an 11 week old golden retriever puppy rescued from the ND puppy mill at the end of March. Cody spent the last two plus weeks with Jim and Marie and their two dogs Bailey and Joey. Jim and Marie gave a great new start to Cody, feeding him the first good food he's ever had and making sure he took all the right medicine for the various physical problems he developed as a result of the unclean crowded living conditions and poor diet that was a part of his first eight weeks of life. Molly and I and Cody wish to deeply thank not only Jim and Marie, but Janna as well, for her sponsorship of Cody's recuperation and fostering costs during his spa stay at Jim and Marie's.

How is Belle coping with our latest addition? In typical Belle fashion. That is to say she alternates between great and, well, downright naughty. Despite all the other dogs that have come to stay with us, Belle somehow knows that Cody is different. I've actually seen some jealousy so we're working on lots of praise when she's gentle with Cody. This morning, I spent extra time just working with Belle and her favorite things to do - get the door, and light. Walks are tougher - Cody walks like a boxer, bobbing and weaving his way down the sidewalk. Until he sees something scary - then his favorite place is right under Belle. This is the trait that gives me high hopes they'll soon be best of friends.


Anonymous said...

Lu and Molly:

Congrats on the new baby! How kind of you to give this special boy the best home a dog could have.

Nancy D.

Anonymous said...


Cody is a beaut! He does not know yet what a wonderful home he has landed in.

Take Care,


Speak(er) said...

Thanks, Lori and Nancy!

He's coming along and went to his first puppy class this morning with Molly. Molly said he was a very good boy - and just had a ball with all the other pups that were just his size.

Patrick Finnegan said...

Congratulations! He's a cuty!