Sunday, April 29, 2007

Run and Romp

Clear and sunny, warm and wonderful. That was the weather for yesterday's Run and Romp. We had great food, fans, fur friends and fun on a day that was as perfect weather-wise as last year's was terrible. Belle and I did the 4K and were passed by the lead runners of the 7.5K at the 4K turn around (we walked).

In the picture below are those of us who stayed until the very end enjoying the sun and each others company. From the Monday Night class (l to r), Carmen and Liv and Carmen's daughter Anastasia, Hemi and Cathy D (our instructor/trainer), and Angela and Milo - graduate team extraordinaire. (Unfortunately, I had snuck away before Marie took the shot - she caught up with Belle and I in the parking lot.) Thank you, Marie, for sharing your photographic excellence!

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