Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dogs - 3, Diggin' Dino's - 0

Javasaurus (#46) is officially a has-bean! Good job, Belle!

Location: Caribou Coffee
1817 Randolph Avenue
St. Paul, MN


slatta said...

Wow, Belle is an awesome dino hunter!

I'm sending my daughter Alison back to St. Paul tomorrow (boo-hoo) and she's really looking forward to her job at Borders. Look for her and say hi! I think you met her at Allerton, didn't you?

I've tagged you for a new meme. Go to my blog for details.

Speak(er) said...

Belle is really fierce! In case the PETA folks are reading, she did ask the dino's, very politely of course, if she could lasso them for a photo-op.

I did meet both of your daughters at Allerton.