Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Flexi Fun and Other Chuckles

  • As one of our Flexi-leash homework assignments, I had Belle drag the leash and plastic holder around the yard. The purpose of this assignment is to let the dog, in a controlled environment, get used to the sound and feel of a flexi-leash that has either been dropped or popped off a wheelchair. If the dog is not used to the sound of the flexi-leash handle there is a strong possibility the dog will be startle and/or bolt from the loud clanging, banging thing following them wherever they go. After about 10 minutes of dragging the leash around, Belle was getting more and more irritated with this nuisance attached to her. She kept giving it dirty looks and then finally had enough. She picked up the handle, brought it over to me and pushed it at me as if to say, "enough already, take this thing off of me!" I still get a chuckle just thinking about it.
  • I'm making the most of the dog treat recipes shared recently in this blog. Training two dogs, I'm going through the kibble quickly. Today's Red Rover cartoon really hit home for me.
  • Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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carrot said...

I love this comic and have especially been loving the "escaped from the kennel" stuff with Zeke. Very cute! My beloved has two dogs and I am not allowed to walk them both at the same time. I simply do not have the requisite skills.