Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Video Games

For class last night we had a change in plans. Eileen sent us on our own field trips - at the big box retailer of our choice.

With the help of fabulous technology that wasn't available when I was doing my "formal schooling", Belle and I played video games the whole class! We would like to share with you our first ever "Virtual Homework". Thanks to Molly's expert video skills I have some clips of Belle working her assigned cues at the Target in W. St. Paul.

We did some warm-ups outside the store to get Belle in the mood. After starting with "Attention" (see picture above), we moved on to some basic positioning skills. To go to class with us, just click on the underlined links that follow:

Red Belle Rising
This was a fun one. I wish I wouldn't have deleted the first video. The surface of the ball was really slippery and Belle had a dickens of a time staying up. I just wasn't thinking of the "out-take" potential for Funniest Home Videos.

M & M's! (So named for the path the dog takes when working the positioning cues of "Heel", "Side", "Front" and "Behind")

Faithful Side-kick: Belle demonstrates "Back" from the side and heel positions.

Wonder-Under Belle demonstrates her "under" with the help of an available bench.

Once in the store, Belle put it all together. We didn't take video of everything she did (I'd get kicked out of You Tube), but the following clip is my favorite of all she worked on last night.

Symphony of Skills Belle puts together "get it", "carry", "rise" and "put" to pick up some measuring cups and put them in the cart.

I wonder if this can count as my Homework Sheet for the week. Pen and paper is just so '70's, don't you think?


carrot said...

Good job, Belle! I was at Target yesterday, too. I could have used her help!

Anonymous said...

I loved it! Great work from both you and Belle!Thanks Molly!
You are taking homework sheets to a new level.