Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Joy of Juxtaposition

In the St. Paul Pioneer Press Bulletin Board, one of the categories of posts is "Joy of Juxtaposition". A Joy of Juxtaposition occurs when you see or read one thing that reminds you of another and then shortly thereafter, see or read about the "another" thing you were reminded about. I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled dog blog topic, Belle the Wonder Dog, to share a "joy of juxtaposition" that I experienced yesterday.

My sister-in-law's swain, AKA JM, loves to refer to Dozer (one of Belle's classmates) as the "George Clooney" of Golden Retrievers. It is his opinion that every picture he's ever seen of Dozer is portrait worthy. So yesterday, I open my paper to discover the following shot of old George on the front page of the Daily Life section:

Upon seeing the photo, I immediately thought
of Dozer - and JM's remarks.

Later on in the day, I received my Blue Coat Benefactor Newsletter from Helping Paws. Inside is a wonderful update on Doze, complete with picture (see right). JM - you can rest your case. The proof of your assertion will now be apparent to all.

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carrot said...

JM is right again! Just imagine a little pair of sexy black shades on Dozer, and you'll totally see the resemblance. Super cool!