Sunday, July 29, 2007


Bella arrived today for a week long visit with her sister, Belle. Like two peas in a pod, the pair of them have personalities as similar as their names. That is, if the two could talk, all we would of heard today was, "party, party"!

This is my first venture into the world of three dogs, and I must say that if the past six hours have been an accurate indication of how the week will go, we're going to have a good time. Dinner was so easy - Belle and Bella each went to their kennel, and Cody had his usual spot right next to the water cooler. Cody even showed Bella his fabulous dinner dance.

So far, the wrestling between the three is manageable. I do wish I had a fence, though, when other dogs come to play. Bella has done great with coming when I call her if she strays out of the yard, but I can't really let them run and romp for fear the chase will take our guest beyond the bounds of our invisible fence. To make matters a little more challenging, Macalester is redoing their tennis courts, so I can't even take them up there.

I do hope to take the dogs to the dog beach at White Bear Lake if Molly will be able to spare some time. All three dogs love the water, and it would be a lot of fun to take them where it is safe and legal for them to play - and burn off some of the excess energy that just seems to build when they're together.

I know the cats will appreciate a dog free afternoon. It's clear they know they're outnumbered.

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