Tuesday, July 24, 2007


When Belle was a pup, one of the few things she didn't chew were electric cords. For some reason, they just didn't interest her. Cody is the same way, or at least I thought he was until today. Ten minutes ago, he chewed right through my internet cable, right at my feet, while I was working away on the computer. How I didn't notice what he was up to, I'll never know.

So, how am I posting this entry if my internet's down you may ask? Well, scary as it is, wiring is actually kind of simple. I cut off the gnawed section, twisted the cable connection end on the newly spliced wire, plugged it in, fiddled with it a little, and I'm back in business.

The thing is, I was really upset with Cody at first. However, my daughter and chief tool finder is so impressed with my fix-it skills, I feel I really owe him one. I mean, how often a does a mom manage to impress an eighteen year old? Sadly, shockingly seldom - at least in this house.

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