Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thunder and Lighting

Two words that strike fear in many a dog's heart. At class, we've shared many tips and tricks for acclimating our dogs to the sounds to prevent storm anxiety (and its cousin, fireworks anxiety). Thankfully, Belle has shown no such anxiety. In fact, just the opposite. The other night, the storm that nailed the Fair Grounds rumbled through our neighborhood at 4:00 AM as well. She went to the door and grined (half growl, half whine) at me - her usual method of telling me she has to go - bad!

Given the storm, I didn't want her out with her Invisible Fence collar on so I slipped her leash on and went out with her. She didn't have to go - she just wanted to play! She was hopping through the puddles, dashing this way and that as far as the leash would go, and finally, when I woke up enough to realize what she was doing I dragged her back in the house.

When we got inside, she lay down in her "I'm so disgusted with you" pose and glared at me. I showed her! I rolled over and went back to sleep.

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Amber-Mae said...

Hi hi Belle! Oh so nice to meet another Golden in blogger...Found you in Dogs With Blogs. Oh, so you're also another performer. That's wonderful!

I'm also a performing Golden Retriever. I'm Malaysia' only dancing Golden Retriever & I perform tons of tricks(ofcourse, a dancing dog has got to)& I can perform what you can perform. Wow! We both should perform together one day...That will be alot of fun!

I'm also Obedience trained & now in Intermediate level(exams coming up soon, eeek!) & I'm also learning Agility. Agility trials are coming up soon, I better get my weaving right. And I've also done Johnson & Johnson TV commercial India in February. Still waiting for it to be ready. Suppose to be this month but I don't know why the people are soooo slow!

Oh yes, I have another twp unrelated sistas & they are Chloe a rescued Golden & Faith a Miniature Dalmatian. Yes! She's really small...She was the smallest in the litter anyway. Yeah! I think that's about it...phew! Sorry, for talking too much here but I get really excited meeting another Golden online especially another one who is also a star! Heehee...

Anyway, can we be friends? I'll add you to my list. Hope you'll do the same thing too...I will definitely visit your bloggy often Belle. See ya!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer