Friday, September 7, 2007

A Dog's Life

It's been a rough week around here with four animals and only one human. Either they miss Molly or I do but either way we're getting on each others nerves. Ole the Monster Cat, won't stop yowling and attempting to escape. Any screen will do - so long as he can head butt it. Belle and Cody are non-stop wrestling, punctuated by barking at every person who passes the house. If I sit on the front porch with them, telling them to be "quiet" when people and/or dogs pass they're fine. The treat when they don't bark helps too, I'm sure. But as soon as I go in, they are just obnoxious big brown barky dogs. I hate it when people cross the street rather than pass our house. And Woobs - he's fine as long as he can stay in my lap or my arms - all day and all night. Given that he's a Big Cat, this isn't easy to accomplish. Not to mention the fact that it's like wearing a fur coat on these hot days. Right now, there's no way they all would leave me alone long enough to watch a movie - I'm living it.

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