Thursday, September 13, 2007

Puppy Plea Bargain

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Will You Sponsor Me? Please!

At the Dinner on Saturday night, the above photo of Belle was part of a montage of photos of Helping Paws Service Dogs still awaiting a sponsor that was circulated among the dinner guests. Belle and I were lucky enough to meet the couple that provide a partial sponsorship of Belle's training costs. If you, or someone you know would also like to sponsor Belle, either in part or in full, please contact Pam Anderson at Helping Paws, or send a check to Helping Paws at:

Helping Paws
P.O. Box 634
Hopkins, MN 55343

To see a list of the costs your sponsorship will cover check out the Sponsorship Page on the Helping Paws website. I guarantee it will be the best money you ever spent!


carrot said...

Belle is being sponsored by Pam Anderson! What's next, Oprah?

Speak(er) said...

I know this might be shocking news to some, but there is actually more than one Pam Anderson from/in Minnesota.