Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Terrific Two

Belle has a birthday coming up! On November 17, she will be two. I often compare the experience of living with Belle with that of living with a delightfully mischievous two year old.

Recently, she's taken on a particularly adorable human two year old trait - the "oh mommy, don't leave - I'll be so cute!" skill.

It starts when I ask Cody to kennel up - and I don't ask her to get her pack. She'll tilt her head and watch. When she sees me get my coat and shoes, she starts wagging her tail wildly; her cue for "great, it will be just you and me now". As soon as I sit down to put my shoes on, she starts with plan A; she comes to me and snuggles - resting her head on my shoulder. After I give her a hug and shoo her away so I can tie my shoes, she goes to plan B; sit on said shoes. With her butt on my shoes and her back against my shins, she leans her head back and gives my cheek soft kisses. This always makes me giggle which prompts her to go in to the full body wriggle that asks - "yes, you will take me with you?" When I tell her no, she'll either go back to plan A - snuggle, or drop on her rug, chin between her front paws, and give me pathetic eyebrows. If she really wants to lay on the guilt she'll do her best grine - a cross between a growl and a whine. It's truly a sound that can make mush out of the strongest resolve.

I'm just glad she hasn't added as plan C the most feared trick in the two-year-old arsenal. I'm referring of course, to the dreaded toddler tantrum.


carrot said...

I should have known Belle was a Scorpio!

Molly said...

At least she tries plan A and B, I usually went straight to plan C.