Saturday, December 15, 2007


Rally goes on to John today. John is currently between HP foster dogs as Cooper, his last foster, graduated this fall. I will really miss Rally - she has one of the sweetest temperaments - and that's saying something given that Goldens are known for sweet temperaments.

Rally has an unquenchable desire to work. When I'd bring out the clicker her whole demeanor would change. She loves to bring me her dish both before and after she eats. She is a really fast learner, and seldom shows a "do I feel like it" approach to training. Unless she has something really good (read contraband) in her mouth. I have yet to get her to give it up unless I have an equally good treat for trade.

Rally was also a really nice house guest. The few times I had to intercede in an indoor wrestling match (not allowed in this house), one "enough" was all it took for her to cease and desist - despite Cody badgering her to continue. She is protective, and for some reason decided Kris, my next door neighbor, was someone she needed to protect me from. Every time Kris came out his back door, Rally warned me with a fearsome bark and growl that he was on the loose again. She also has her doubts about that alley in back - strange things are always blowing through and she felt it necessary to investigate each and every one.

With the cold, there was one Rally strength I really appreciated. Without a fence, I have to take Rally out on leash to do her business. That girl was extremely efficient. She never made me stand outside for more than 5 minutes - and usually took care of both chores in that short time. Totally awesome!

About the only thing that Rally couldn't do was reach the counter at the vet when it came time to pay our bill. She's such a petite golden - she even tried jumping up to try and get the credit card to the vet tech. It was so cute to see how hard she tried. Why were we at the vet? She had an ear infection in her left ear.

The person she's matched with will be getting a very special dog.

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