Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why Can't We Be Friends

The course of pet history is littered with epic tales of the battles of cat v. dog. There's Tom and Jerry, Frump and Gomer, and scads of other pairings that make the battles of man seem like "pussy-footing" around.

Not in this house. Not while Ole lives.

While Woobs follows the more traditional feline fetish of taunting the dogs into chasing him, high-tailing it to the highest ground and immediately turning and delivering a one-two pawnch worthy of Ali, Ole just wants to be friends. The other night I caught him spooning with Rally on the dog bed - Rally's paw affectionately draped over him. An endearing, heart-wrenching snuggle that would have made my husband gag. (He thought the end of the world arrived when PC took over on the latter day Tom and Jerry cartoons).

But snuggling up to Rally just wasn't enough for our boy, Ole. No, he wanted to cement the friendship over a fine dinner. The fact he couldn't cook was no problem. The lu-py human in the house had actually left a large (18" diameter) tupperware container on the counter filled with freshly killed Eukanuba. The fact the container was sealed wasn't a problem either. Our boy, Ole, simply pushed the entire container off the counter letting gravity do the heavy lifting so to speak. A feast was had by all.

Now the only thing that's littered is the yard. Doggy loggy poop patrol has never been so nasty.

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carrot said...

Yes, Joe was SO very opposed to any cartoon depictions of cats and dogs liking each other. We watched Tom and Jerry together every day after school (yes, keep in mind that he is 10 years older than me) and whenever one of the newer ones would come on he'd roll his eyes and say, "I HATE the ones where they like each other!"