Monday, February 25, 2008

Fostering Future Fosters

Belle and I headed off to the Mall of America on Saturday to participate in the Helping Paws booth at the Volunteer Expo. Our hope is that we have recruited enough new foster homes to house and train the new puppies to be born to Tiga (yes, that Tiga!) and Peaches in late March and April.

Belle and Shannon were also the demo dogs that showed off their skills on the MOA stage while Lynn G. did a fabulous presentation about Helping Paws, who we are, and what we do. Belle did a fabulous job showing off her skills. At one point during the demo, I looked up and saw some familiar faces grinning at me across the crowd. Uncle J and Aunt J were shopping - noticed the show - and stopped to watch. They were as surprised as I to recognize someone they knew.

Overall, I give Belle a "C" for her work. She had one not so shining moment when a dad with a small toddler in his arms stooped to greet Belle. Belle came over and very gently said hello. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the stuffed animal (a little golden retriever pup, believe it or not) clutched loosely in the little girl's hand. Even more unfortunate, Belle did notice. As the little girl reached out to pet Belle, Belle took the pup right out of the little girl's hand. I immediately returned the pup to the little girl, but not before she burst into the most broken-hearted toddler tears. I desperately hope we didn't traumatize her for life.

Back to the drawing board. I guess I'll have to find some folks with toddlers and toys to practice "leave it" with so this won't ever happen again.

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