Saturday, March 1, 2008

Celebrity Club Hudson

Wow - no sooner had I posted about Skye, than EB threw me another bone (bohn?). This time it was Belle's Club Hudson friends Dozer and Hemi in the news. I was shocked, however, that there was no mention of Doze's Cloonyesq visage.

More news! Dozer has found his forever friend and will graduate in May. Doze will be the second HP dog for Angie. Her first dog, Sage, died earlier this year. Sage was the service dog that first made Helping Paws known to me. Sage and Angie would sometimes share an elevator with me at the IDS Center downtown. I was so impressed with what Sage could do, that I did a google search for Helping Paws to find out more about the dogs. The rest is history. Congratulations, Angie, Doze, and Marie!

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carrot said...

Yay for Dozer and Angie! I am so glad that Doze/Clooney are finally settling down with one good woman. You can't be a freewheeling Hollywood bachelor forever!