Saturday, March 15, 2008

Graduate Guru

HP Dogs seem to be a favorite topic these days for the local newspapers. HP graduates, Terry and Yuki, were the subject of a feature by Paul Dols of the Forest Lake News. He even included a video of Terry and Yuki working together.

In the video, Yuki is shown doing many of the cues that Belle is learning. The neatest thing of all though, is the enthusiasm she shows as she's working for Terry. Occasionally, Belle and I will encounter folks that have the notion that service dogs never get to play. The thing is, Yuki and other service dogs still get their regular "play" time, at least in the sense that these humans mean. What they don't comprehend and what the video shows perfectly is how Yuki makes her work her play as well. Can you imagine what we humans could accomplish if we performed our jobs with as much joy and enthusiasm as Yuki?

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