Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What Did I Learn At School Today? "Chairing"

Speaker wishes to apologize for being so remiss in her blog updates. It's really hard to find time for updates when there's a puppy whirlwind underfoot. The Whirlwind blew out with the April snow late Monday, and life is almost back to normal.

But enough of the pup, this blog is supposed to be about me!

Yesterday, Lu celebrated her new found freedom by taking me with her while she went stool shopping with her friend (no, not that kind of stool - I give her those for free!). We went to this great place shaped like a giant pool table and tried out lots and lots of chairs. I was on my very best behavior - I practiced "step", both up and down, on the circular staircase. I sat for greeting, and even offered shake without leaving my seat or wiggling my butt around for a scritch. I picked up Lu's keys for the gazillionth time - honestly, Lu should really look into getting a collar on which she can clip those things. I practiced "back" through the aisles and aisles of chairs and learned that it's best to do back while keeping my tail still. I was so happy to be working again, my tail never stopped wagging. Unfortunately, it kept getting stuck in the rungs of the chairs I was passing. I guess I proved the adage "one step forward, two steps 'back'".

After the fun we had with the chairs, Lu and Lisa took me to lunch at Potbellies. Whoa, did I put on an awesome display of Super Duper Service Dog Skills! The restaurant was jammed. While we waited in line to order sandwiches, I practiced "across" and Lu even tried to teach me to tuck my tail in because it was in danger of getting stepped on by the starved masses ahead of us in line. But I really showed my moxie when Lu and Lisa sat down to eat. The table was so small that there was no place for me to "under". I had to drop/stay right in the aisle. During lunch, at least five people stepped over me - and I never even raised my head. Impressive, if I do say so myself.

After lunch, I made my first trip to Costco and met my first official non-Helping Paws service dog. Wow, was he awesome! He was a beautiful yellow lab and his mom asked if I could greet him. I was so excited, I started to do my happy wiggle, but Lu told me to watch how he was waiting so still and calm. I so wanted to be like him that I managed to calm myself enough that Lu allowed me to touch noses with him! Oh, rapture! (Doze, if you're reading this, don't worry. I still love you best of all!) I really liked his mom, too. She said some really nice things to Lu about how grateful she is for what Lu is doing with me.

Finally, this party girl topped off her perfect day by going to the Wine and Cheese party at Helping Paws and celebrating Dozer, Titus, Thor, Rocky and Laker's upcoming graduations. It was so much fun to see all my pals. Eileen even let me give her a snuggle! Whoo, what a perfect day!


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