Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On The Ball

Over the last few months, I've experienced several frustrating and/or expensive dog-related mishaps. Jessie 08-208 ate my new glasses, a library book, and several other miscellaneous items of lesser importance. I no longer own a pair of jeans with intact pockets (never ever put kibble in clothing - the smell survives forever and the dogs will chew until they can chew no more). It's because of my holey state that I began carrying my cell phone in the side pocket of my pants. Unfortunately, I forgot to add the side pocket to my mental list of pockets to empty before laundering. The cell phone, though squeaky clean, no longer functioned.

On top of all this, I've been in one of those periods when I can't seem to keep track of anything. You name it, I've searched for it. Even Belle's pack, which is either on her or in her equipment bag, disappeared. After searching high and low, and going to HP Graduation and several classes with her old pack, I was finally busted by a classmate (thanks, L :P) and had to 'fess up I lost her pack and passport.

HP gave me a new pack for Belle. I got my glasses fixed, purchased a replacement book at Half-Price Books for the library, and gulp, punished myself for washing the cell phone by replacing it with an iPhone. I love that phone! It's made it so easy to keep track of both my work and home schedules. Until Monday night. You guessed it - I lost it.

Molly and I have spent two solid days calling for my phone. We looked everywhere I could have tucked it - didn't find it. We even listened to the dogs fearing that one of them must have eaten it. I called AT & T tonight to see if they could use the neat feature that the L & O detectives always use - triangulating the phone's location by the cell towers receiving its' signals. I think the AT & T clerk was trying not to laugh when he informed me that nifty trick was for "enhanced 911" services only. I guess he just couldn't understand the depth of my emergency here.

The good news is our desperate search uncovered all the items I've lost recently - even Belle's pack. But when nothing we did found the phone, I told Belle "find the phone".

What a perfect ending to this blog if she had found it just by giving her the right cue. No such luck.

She did find it in a kind of sort of way (you know - the way it's the dog's fault that I washed my old phone). She wanted to play ball tonight. Molly searched the yard for a tennis ball, and when she couldn't find one in the open, she went searching in the bushes. (I have to hide the balls from Cody, because if he sees them but can't get to them he barks his fool head off). There, lying neatly beside the ball stash was my phone, with tooth marks in the leather case. I guess it's a good thing that at least this time the dogs are on the ball around here.

ps. Did I mention that whenever I type in HPD (for Helping Paws Dogs), iPhone changes it to "GOD"?


Sara Latta said...

Wait...the dog ATE your glasses? Did that also involve a trip to the vet?

And welcome to the world of iPhones. I love mine. The mental image of you calling your iPhone and listening for it inside a dog is just too funny.

Kodak the Eskie said...

Sorry about your phone! My mommy is always hiding things from me too because I am still very much puppy and get into everything!!

Hugs, Kodak