Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Speaking from the Chair

Belle and I have been taking the chair up to Macalester the last couple of nights. Helping Paws provided the chair with a right side leash mount for Belle and I to practice the various skills she will need to do from that position. From the first, we foster homes are constantly encouraged to train with every possible permutation of people, places and events. Silly me, I never tried a non-motorized chair on a college campus with lots of dogs and people and squirrels and smells as distractions. So, with less than two months to go before Belle graduates with her person, we're beginning a refresher course in:

a) Loose leash walking - it's amazing how little it takes for Belle to pull the chair off course.
b) Flexi-leads - when it's okay - and when it's not to stop and sniff just because she can.
c) Attention - squirrels really aren't that interesting, seriously!
d) Get it - wow, who knew it was so hard to accomplish such a simple thing when the ground smells so tantalizing.
e) M & M's: Heel, side, front and behind are somehow totally foreign now that I'm in the chair.
f) Finally - door work. Go ahead, around, back - and then back to side.

We can do it - I know we can.


Sara Latta said...

I know you can, too! Feel free to contact Alison if you need a Mac student for some help/support.

Speak(er) said...

Sara - that would be great! BTW - your tuition dollars and an incredible endowment just finished the most fabulous sports complex ever. It is truly a beautiful addition to the campus and now, the lower quad looks like it's meant to be there instead of just an afterthought of 1960's architecture.