Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hope Wrapped Up In Gold

A winter day like many others
Dawned bright and clear and cold
But in the first blurred thoughts of morn
Was hope wrapped up in gold.

That day began a journey

Of joy and love and fear
For two apprentice partners
Their pathway still unclear.

As time passed on the partners learned
Their unique strengths and skill
And with help from many others
Their destiny fulfilled.

Today one partner will go on
. .... ....... ....... ............... Photo credit: N. Hiebert
A new journey will unfold
And give her gift to yet another
Of hope wrapped up in gold.

Of hope wrapped up in gold.

May your partnership be blessed, Jesse and Belle. It's been a privilege to share your path.


Distribution mediator said...

oh Lu! How awesome and hard all at the same time. Bravo to you for your hard work with Belle. That is a really great shot of the two of them.


Peggy said...

Well done Lu!!

You've given somebody a wonderul assistant and a fantastic companion (in addition to being gorgeous).

Do you take a rest before the next one comes into your life?

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, Belle has a new partner! She is going to miss you loads & I bet you're gonna miss her so much too. It's sad that you have to give away a dog that you've spent about a year or more with, sharing all those good memories together but then it's also a happy ending. Belle will be a great partner to Jesse. A big hug to you for the good job you've done.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Sarah said...

I know that launching Belle into her role must be so hard, you're going to miss her. But man oh man! What a great companion she'll be and it looks like she has also lucked out and is paired with a nice guy. Best wishes to everyone!