Saturday, January 31, 2009


  • Cheers' pups will most likely be born this week-end. Belle and I are hoping that she is the perfect maternity patient and will deliver all her pups; healthy, howling, and hungry between 2 and 3 this afternoon.
  • Cheers dad, the gorgeous, talented, incredible Robin will be on Animal Planet tonight at 8 PM during the Eukanuba National Championships.
  • Bringing a fully trained service dog on a casual date can create some awkward moments - I had to do some pretty fast talking when Belle decided the date needed help with removing his socks.
  • Belle had a great day at work yesterday. She was about 5 for 5 for the short office stays (5 minutes or less), but only 2 for 4 for the longer drop stays. The key to her successful longer drops seemed to be not hearing my voice. The minute she heard my voice, she wanted to come find me.
  • I'm really looking forward to being the TA for the Perfect Puppy class that will start in April.


Peggy said...

"Lu does NOT train dogs to remove the clothing from her dates!"

Thanks for the mental image!

Speak(er) said...

Both your mom and my father-in-law said the same thing as you, and then told me I needed to write a book about my on-line dating experiences. I wonder how the dates will feel about that?

Joel said...

I disagree with what Peggy said.