Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are You A Future Foster Home?

I went out to Fox9 to try and find the video played on yesterday's 5 PM news on the Hands On Volunteer Expo, but as yet the video is not yet posted. Instead, my search yielded another video on Helping Paws, done the summer of 2007, that demonstrates better than mere words could ever do, the joy, the freedom, and the love that these special dogs provide to everyone blessed with the opportunity to share their life and training.

For those who visited our booth yesterday, or saw our demonstration on the Best Buy Rotunda stage and are considering becoming a foster home for Helping Paws, this video puts paid to the value of what you will do and mean to the life of another - usually a total stranger. Belle and I hope you will join us soon. I can guarantee the experience will be one of the highlights of your life.

Fox9 provided the embed code for the video.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

I have always wanted to foster but I don't think I could have a dog for two years and then give it away. I plan on doing shelter fostering when we buy our home.

raiserally said...

I raise for another organization in Oregon but have greatly enjoyed reading your blog about Belle and yours adventures. I was sorry to read that she was career changed but glad to know she's your new demo dog for Helping Paws. Are you planning on raising another dog for Helping Paws?

Ally & Eclipse (4.5 month old male Golden Retriever SDIT)