Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Log of Dog Blogs

For those of you that love puppy fixes, there are some awesome blogs recently begun by foster homes from the newest litter to begin their training for Helping Paws.

Pawl's Paws - About Dempsey, the bruiser of the bunch (size wise that is). Check out the video of this little one already "getting dressed" in his pack!

(Dempsey's photo used by permission)

Four Paws To Serve - The story of a service dog named Izzo. This little one is already melting hearts in her new hometown. (Izzo's photo used by permission)

Boston's Marathon - About Boston and her new life with an
experienced foster home.

(Boston's photo used by permission)

In addition to the great pictures, videos and stories in these blogs is the fact that each foster home has a unique perspective; Dempsey is fostered by a first time foster home, Izzo's foster parents are a first time foster home but are also the parents of one of our Helping Paws graduate pairs, and finally, Boston is the third dog trained and fostered for Helping Paws by one of our most dedicated volunteers and a board member to boot.

Each blog is wonderful. I know from experience how encouraging the on-line community can be in supporting our foster homes in their quest. Your comments and fellowship will mean the world to them as they tell their stories over the next few years.


m.e. said...

more puppy movies, please.....

these are just wonderful

Sadie's Mama said...

my schnoodle stella....