Monday, September 28, 2009

Wanna Make A Federal Case Of It?

Well, yes - Belle and I did!

Last week, Belle and I doggedly manned the Helping Paws table for the Federal Campaign at the Bishop Whipple Federal Building.  For three hours (we were a popular table) I answered questions, listened to dog stories (everyone has one), and Belle showed off her awesome skills.  The Federal Campaign is the employee fundraising campaign for federal employees.  Helping Paws was just one of many organizations that were invited to strut their stuff, hand out brochures and hopefully, convince those that stopped by our booths to put our federal campaign number on their list of organizations they want to support with their employee charitable deduction.

Belle was a terrific ambassador.  Her polite greetings were so well done, the woman at the booth next to us just had to take Belle's picture.  The picture above was taken while Belle greeted a K9 officer (thank-you, Paula!).  She even gave him a snuggle when I gave her permission to do so.

To all who stopped by that day and signed our dance card, thank-you! 


Anonymous said...

Good job, both of you! It appears that Belle likes to have her picture taken. What a pro!

Twinkietinydog said...

Yay! Go Belle, ambassador to all dogs and good will all over the world. Your life will make a difference.

Our Pack said...

Nice! We do therapy work as well. I know the work that goes into this for dog and human. Nice!

My Sons Mum said...

Belle is delightful. I do hope she'll be my friend. Your both doing a great job. Congats to that xx Major