Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ode to FOE

On Monday night, our dogs were "trimmed for the holidays" by the FOE (Friends of Eileen). Barb A, Barb W, Dave D, Sheila S, Jill S, Judy C, and Robin K who came, cut, cajoled, cuddled, and clipped our pups and when they were done - a golden feast for the eyes.

In thanks, I've crafted an ode to their skills. (My apologies to Clement Clark Moore for lifting his poem).

'Twas the Monday Night Dog Class
And all through the Center
The dogs were arriving
Using "Push" cue to enter

They settled right in to heel, side, and front
A few nosed around for a treat they could hunt
When in through the door there arose quite a clatter
Of tables, and gear, and food on a platter

Brought by the FOE, the Friends of Eileen
who had come just to cut, comb, clip and preen
The Monday Night dogs and a few more to boot
Who's coats were precleaned of all dirt, burrs and soot*.

Up Bella, up Dozer, up Justice nee Mac,
A few took a look and practiced their "back"
But soon all the tables were topped with a Golden
Standing so proud, 'twas a sight worth behold'n.

The FOE how they sparkled, their shears, oh so shiny
And though they worked hard not a one of them was whiny
Instead, they laughed often and shared their "shear" wisdom
With foster folks that came from afar just to hear them.

They clipped and they cut and they brandished their combs
They laughed and they talked of their goldens at home.
And when they were done, the dogs how they glowed
From the tip of their nose to the tail fans that flowed.

As the dogs pranced around in their holiday finest,
The FOE gathered round for the cheese, food and wine fest.
Then they packed up their scissors, their brushes and clips
Folded their tables and covered their snips

They hopped in their cars, the Center clean as a whistle
Leaving nary a hair, or a burr, or a thistle.
But we heard them exclaim as they turned on their lights,
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.

*poetic license - our dogs would never have such transgressions.


Anonymous said...

Your poetic license should be revoked.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is pretty sharp. I think the FOE are a bunch of cut-ups; the whole thing was shear nonsense.

Speak(er) said...

Ooh, Anonymous, that cuts deep. Perhaps you should curb that sharp tongue of yours!

Anonymous said...

If I curbed my tounge I would probably end up in the gutter.