Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bow - Wow!

My son Ben came home from college this weekend - and without any homework to do to fill his time he took on a training session with Belle. Being the world traveler that he is, he thought he should teach Belle a more formal method of greeting, just in case Belle ever has the chance to meet a king or a queen (wait, isn't that what I am?).

Ben, I "bow" to your efforts!

....Later that day;

Molly wanted to try the new trick out with Belle. When she gave the visual cue to Belle, Belle turned, faced Ben and I and bowed! Good Girl!!!!


carrot said...

We can't wait to see Belle and all her new tricks this weekend! Now, of course, we expect her to bow before us. After all, we ARE professors. You're supposed to treat us like kings and queens, right?

Speak(er) said...

Absolutely! We can't wait to see you two, also. Have a safe flight!