Friday, December 22, 2006


Several days ago, I indicated that Belle would rather have flakes than cakes (Flaky Humor) .

Well, she got her wish, kind of. And now, she won't stop whining to go out and play. The trouble is, the "kind of" refers to the wet, slushy, kind of white stuff that fell yesterday. Just going for a walk means a soaking wet dog. If I let her go out and play she'll be a muddy mess. So she whines.

I keep trying to distract her with working on cues, finding her Kong, finding Ben, finding Molly, anything to keep her away from the windows with their tantalizing vision of white. Trouble is, I still have packages to wrap, food to prepare, laundry, etc.. So, now - I'm whining as much as she is. Believe me, it doesn't sound any better in two part harmony.

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