Saturday, December 23, 2006


As volunteer foster homes with Helping Paws many of us provide for all of our foster pups needs for the 2 - 2.5 years our dogs live with us. Helping Paws estimates that the cost of training a dog can exceed $3,000.

What cannot be estimated or quantified is what that dog will mean to our graduates in waiting - hoping and praying for the day that a dog in training today will be their arms, their legs, and their friend of tomorrow. If the Sponsorship Costs list were a Visa ad, the value of our dogs to our graduates is indeed, priceless.

Thank-you fellow fosterers for the gifts you share so unselfishly. Thank-you Eileen, Cathy D, Sue, Nancy H, Jessica, Pam, and Judy for all you do to train us to train our dogs. The true Christmas spirit is alive in each of you every day of the year.

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