Saturday, January 6, 2007

Golden Geneaology

Belle, Bella and Liv got to meet and greet their dad, Brandon at the LOL Dog Show yesterday. A handsome fellow, Brandon gently sniffed his daughters over and Belle gave him a gentle kiss.

Like any family reunion, Brandon's "mom", Rachel (Bella), Carmen (Liv) and I started exchanging stories of the traits that Belle and her siblings inherited from their gorgeous papa. All three have dad's spunk and playfulness, all three are good looking pups (but that definitely comes from both Mom and Dad), and Belle inherited her story-telling propensity from Dad.

The funniest trait of all though was that all three inherited Dad's Perfect Pooping Position (PPP) gene. I call it the "yips" because it is similar to a golfer that can't quite find the right position while addressing the ball and so twitches in place endlessly. It turns out that they all love to pace back and forth before settling on just the perfect spot, but then when you think they've found that PPP, they will scootch over or circle around, or worse start the process all over. We all shared a laugh at how we will sometimes try to encourage the pups to finish the job by turning ourselves around - our improvised visual form of the cue "better go now".

Given that before yesterday the three siblings have either never met, or barely met their dad the PPP is definitely a function of "nature" rather than "nurture". For my part, that's a huge relief. I was afraid I was raising the Sergio Garcia of the service dog tour.


carrot said...

Wow, I'm glad I followed that link. I thought you were going to suggest that Belle was going to start dating Martina Hingis too. Yuck!

Speak(er) said...

I love the "linkability" of the web. Only someone who has had to watch hours of pro-golf tournament on TV would know about Sergio's twitchiness. He's so cute - but after one drive, you hope they never show him again.

What's your beef with Martina?