Sunday, January 7, 2007

Lessons learned at a dog show...

  • Asking someone "what kind of dog do you have?" never fails as the start of a great story.
  • There are more combs, brushes, hair dryers, and "product" for dogs than there are for people. At least it seems like it.
  • It is a very good thing that as a favored greeting protocol humans left butt-sniffing behind long ago in our evolutionary development.
  • There is at least one crabby AKC official out there that was not clicked and treated often enough in his training. His snobby comment "gentle leaders are not allowed at AKC sanctioned events - if your dog can't be controlled with a slip collar it does not belong in public" was the week-end low point. (This was his answer to the Helping Paws volunteer who was requesting his assistance in locating our booth).
  • Best tee-shirt seen - "I'm the alpha bitch".
  • Best doggy treat free sample - Bison Jerky from Fromm Family Pet Foods ($62/case). Al DeBoer of Fromm had Belle dancing on two legs when he brought the packets over to us.
  • Location, location, location is as true for vendor booths as it is for homes. We were right in front of the Refreshments counter - and just to the left of the restrooms. We were able to talk to folks both "coming" and "going".
  • Women in professional attire should take a page from the Dog Handlers Style Guide. The women not only wore great suits in the ring, but comfortable flats as well. And they looked terrific!
  • There is a decided dirth of fresh grass around the Xcel Center. Don't ask what those puddles are from around each of the outdoor garbage cans and sign posts along 5th Street.
  • How big are the homes of the folks that own the St. Bernard's and Mastiffs? A couple of those dogs looked like they could enter a horse show.

  • The bullet feature for Blogspot must use invisible ink. The comments above are bulleted - at least in "preview" mode.

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