Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gut Instinct

At the Land O' Lakes Kennel Club Dog Show I perused the various vendors merchandise looking for a soft chew toy that would withstand the jaws of Belle. At one booth with particularly enticing stuffed animals, I spoke with the proprietor and explained what I was looking for. She pointed out "Baby", the red blob in the picture, and told me these stuffed beasts were her most endurable line. Made by Bamboo, she praised its virtues stating that her german shepherd had had one for two years and the toy was still going strong.

With hope in my heart, I purchased the toy and Belle delightedly carried it in her mouth back to our booth - she had a prize!

Three weeks later the picture above tells the sad story of Baby. Burst, desqueaked, with stuffing scattered to the four corners of the porch, Baby joins the ranks of all the other short-lived but well-loved creatures that belong to Belle. If I were a glass is half-full kind of gal, I'd say Baby lasted far longer than any of Belle's other friends whose lives were measured in minutes rather than weeks. But being the glass is half-empty personality that I am, I want my money back!


Benjamin said...

Baby is no more???? What a bummer, I think Belle should stick to something more durable like hockey pucks!

Speak(er) said...

Sadly, not even hockey pucks can withstand the jaws of Belle. She's running around right squeaking the squeaker she got by disemboweling Baby. Sigh!