Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kong on Ice

As with children, dogs do best with having their toys reintroduced every once in a while. After a period of dormancy, I brought Kong out this week to have some fun with "Find It". For those who may not be familiar with Kong, it's a rubber dog toy that can be stuffed with treats. It is virtually indestructible (a good thing given Belle's history with stuffed animal toys), bounces in unpredictable ways, and satisfies the chewing need so well. You can add another virtue to the list. It's great to chase on ice.

Now I know many people who put ice in the Kong, but this is the first I have heard of Kong on ice. Judging by Belle's response it is the greatest invention ever. And boy, can she pirouette chasing that thing. Who knows, add a little glitz and glamour, some music, and maybe we can take this act on tour to raise funds for Helping Paws?


carrot said...

There are also very few people who have a hockey rink in their backyard. I hope Belle (and Kong) appreciate that!

Speak(er) said...

Well, Kong isn't speaking, but Belle just keeps tossing Kong out there so I think she's telling me what a good job I did to build the rink just for her. And yeah, there aren't even many backyard rinks here in Minnesota this year. They're so rare, the PP even had a story on it (|&p_product=SP&p_theme=realcities2&p_action=search&p_maxdocs=200&s_site=twincities&s_trackval=SP&s_dispstring=Backyard%20hockey%20rink%20AND%20date(all)&p_field_advanced-0=&p_text_advanced-0=(Backyard%20hockey%20rink)&xcal_numdocs=20&p_perpage=10&p_sort=YMD_date:D&xcal_useweights=no)
that ran on January 10.

Thanks for reading!

Benjamin said...

Mom you should turn on the Nutcracker music and Belle would be doing the dance of the sugar "kong" fairy