Friday, February 16, 2007

A biscuit, a basket - her stove blew a gasket!

This just in from Marie - "Speak" Correspondent in our Wisconsin Bureau of Fabulous Foster Homes:

"Never let it be said that I don't try my hardest to expose Dozer to ALL kinds of socialization situations. I was making homemade doggie biscuits today, and the first batch went so well, that I decided to start another while I had a chicken in the oven. While I was working on the dough, I noticed that there was a bit of extra light in the oven that was not supposed to be there. So I checked, and the element on the bottom of the oven was starting to spark a little bit, still not overly concerned, I turned the oven off and continued working on the doggie biscuits. Well, I kept checking, and the fire started to travel down towards the end of the element.

OK!!!!!!! NOW I AM VERY CONCERNED, PICTURING THE HOUSE GOING UP IN SMOKE!!! I knew enough to try baking soda, and poured it on the heating element to no avail. So, I dialed 911 and the fire dept. said they would send out a truck. Being the dedicated animal lover I am, I put the cat outside in the car and put Sheeba, our pet schnauzer mix, in the back outside kennel. I put Dozer's uniform on with the gentle leader and went outside to await the firemen. Of course, in the few minutes before they got there, the fire broke the heat element into pieces and extinguished itself. The four men in truck #62 were so kind and checked everything out, the wiring, if there was heat in the wall, and also checked the fuse box. They apologized for getting my kitchen floor dirty!!! They complimented how well behaved and calm Dozer was when they were in the house and checking everything. He was right next to the four of them and remained calm and in a sit. However, I think I will wait a little while before I bake any more homemade doggie biscuits. Buying them at the pet store isn't as exciting, but its a lot safer".

There you have it, folks. "Breaking" news.

Marie - good luck with getting the oven fixed. All of us in "Speak" world are so glad you, Dozer, Sheeba and the cat are safe and sound - and that the damage to the stove or house was limited.

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