Thursday, February 8, 2007

Cabin Fever

Well, the cold is starting to get to me. I miss my long walks with Belle. The last one was a dismal event that ended when Belle lay down in the snow and tried to hold up all four of her paws at once. Although the temp was a mild or so, the salt placed on the sidewalk in front of the business we were passing proved too painful for the pooch. I ended up having to carry her at least a block before I could put her down on some salt free sidewalk.

Any idea where I can get some good boots for Belle? The weather may warm up, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to deal with the salt until spring. Carrying her across the seas of salty sidewalks we encounter in our daily walks is just not an option as a routine coping mechanism.

ps. The question above is a shameless ploy to get someone, anyone to comment! I mean if I'm going to bare my most private training issues literally to the whole world - can't someone respond? The echos of "hello" reverberating off the vast canyons of the world wide web are starting to make me feel like a total boor. I've suspected I might be such in the past, but please don't prove it to me so publicly! (I know, now I'm begging).


Jim Finnegan said...

Lu, it can be lonely out there. I read you regularly and will try to respond more often. I just wish they made it easier to register.

There are boots for dogs that are salt protectors.
I have seen them at Petco and online. Poor Belle.
They actually have pet proof salt for sidewalks at Petco.

All your observations about pet behavior are so true.
I spent a lot of time in dog training with my first dog, Brewster. Basic obedience training and then hunting training. I loved every minute of it. You learn alot about your dog but you really learn alot about yourself. Dogs take their cues from the owners and sometimes we do things they pick up on without ever knowing we are doing it.

Benjamin said...

As such a great artist with the sewing machine as demonstrated by the quilt you made me a few years ago, maybe you could sew Belle some boots, that'd be stylish

Speak(er) said...

That's what I love best about you Finnegan's. You never let us boors feel boorish. Even when we're acting bearish in this unbearable cold.

Thanks for your great comments - and your attention!

Anonymous said...

I would provide some salty remarks but you seem to be in such pain that I declined.You can bet your booties that there are some covers for doggie fe
et or you can make them yourself. I do not think you are a total boar.

Speak(er) said...

Salty remarks are always welcome here, Anonymous. They tend to spice things up a bit!

Patrick Finnegan said...

This is outside my area of expertise, but I'm a regular reader too! All I have to deal with is one indoor kitty and 5 Zebra Danios.

Nancy and Maisie said...

Hi Lu and Belle:

Maisie reads news about her daughter Belle EVERY day.

The booties work, but I would imagine it was more about the cold than the salt.

Speak(er) said...

Aw, Mom - thanks for making Lu feel better. She's driving me nuts with this blog stuff - always taking my picture and telling everyone all of my most endearing (but embarassing)tricks. I mean really, I'm a dog and I'm living in a fish bowl! I'll tell her what you said about the salt and cold.

Loves and Kisses XOXOXOX,

Your loving daughter, Belle