Saturday, March 31, 2007

Charlie Bear

Meet Charlie, our newest (and I think biggest) houseguest. Charlie is almost one year, just under 70 lbs and thin as only a male teenager with a voracious appetite can be. But don't let his size intimidate you - he may be big but he sure is sweet.

His brothers, Calvin and Hemi, stayed with us when they were still young pups, and like them, he is smart, loving and pure golden through and through. My favorite is seeing this very large dog greeting you with the full body wag. Not only does he have the thwack, thwack tail - but it wags his whole body. He just can't wait to greet you. He doesn't jump up (he's much too polite for that) - just tries to have as much of his body in contact with you as he can.

I wish I had had my camera filming Charlie when he first met Ole the Cat. Charlie has met cats before, but he doesn't live with them. When he arrived, Ole the Cat, was waiting on the porch for him - but behind the kneewall as we came up the front steps. Charlie walked right past Ole the Cat without seeing him. While waiting for me to open the door, Charlie caught Ole's movement out of the corner of his eye and did the funniest double-take/flinch I've ever seen. Then he went over and gently sniffed Ole and the two have been fast friends ever since. Woobs the cat decided the wisest course was to just stay in his kennel until he had a better feel for this big fellow that had invaded our turf. When Woobs finally decided to come out and check this big guy out, Charlie charmed him with gentle sniffing. No licking or shake for greet from this big fellow. Woobs was grateful.

It's been less than a day, but already I'm falling in love with yet another HP pup. I hope my heart can keep growing.

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