Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dog Thoughts

  • Wow, Lori taught Belle how to LLW (loose leash walk) the right way! I noticed yesterday that Lori uses a soft sound with her tongue to correct Belle. I used it today on my morning walk with Belle and she stayed right by my side. Thank-you, Lori!
  • Belle has eight new full brothers and sisters. Belle's mom was bred with Brandon (her dad) again. There are five new brothers and three new sisters and mom and pups are doing great. The pups will be joining Tiga's litter (scheduled to arrive end of April) as the next new Perfect Puppy class.
  • Charlie, Judy's dog, comes to stay with us tomorrow. I know Belle will love having another dog around. Charlie even has his own Invisible Fence collar so he and Belle can play in the yard without having to worry that one will wander off.
  • Speaking of Judy. She made a plea to all the classes this week to nominate their dogs for Raspberry Festival Prince, Princess, Queen Mum and King. Since this is one of Helping Paws biggest fundraisers, all dogs are asked to enter.

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